Cobra Low Profile Wire Ties

Our patented low profile & specialty zip ties are the best cable tie on the market. The low profile design features a smooth, snag-proof contour eliminating barbs or spikes that can injure an installer or consumer. As a result, your project will be safer and look more professional.


Flexroute is a durable, and simple cable management solution that secures and protects both the frame and cable. It is easy to install and performs well in a wide range of environments. Flexroute works best when combined with Cobra low profile zip ties resulting in a clean, professional look.

Specialty and Traditional Ties

Different projects have different needs. That is why we carry a full line of specialized and traditional wire ties for a variety of industries. Whether you need tools, zip ties, or mounts, we have what you need to do the job right. We make sure you have what you need to make a good impression.

Low profile wire ties are what we do best.

Cobra Global Products, cable management experts, supplies professionals with ties they need to get the job done right. Our patented Cobra® Low Profile Wire Ties are the industry’s lowest low-profile nylon cable tie on the market. RoHS and UL21 / 21S listed, Cobra zip ties provide superior tensile strength and sound quality; as a result, they perform well in a wide range of environments.

Cobra Global Products, LLC, the leader in low profile & specialty zip ties, recently purchased Cobra Products, LLC and was relocated from Hudson MA. to Gainesville, Georgia. Our new management team has over 50 years experience in the cable zip tie and wire management industry. We are fully operational and ready to provide your low profile, specialty, or traditional cable tie needs.

In other words, we are here to serve and to make sure your wiring project is of the highest quality possible - both durability and aesthetics.

For all your low profile & specialty zip ties, contact us today.

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Electrician using Cobra Low profile cable ties


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