Cable Tie Application & Removal Tools

- The Cable Tie Gun quickly tensions and cuts off excess strap without leaving a sharp protrusion that can cause snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, hoses, products, and users
- Saves Time, the 20047 automatically cuts off excess strap when the selected tension setting is achieved. Our Cable Tie Gun produces consistent tension from tie to tie and saves installation time with one easy pull of the trigger
- Durable, the 30027 is designed for larger cable ties and manually cuts off excess strap with the squeeze of the cutoff handle
- Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun, the 90097 quickly tensions and cuts off excess strap automatically when tension setting is achieved without leaving extremely sharp metal protrusions


Part Number: 10037


Part Number: 20047

Part Number: 30027

Part Number: 90097

Part NumberCable Tie Tool Size & TypeCut Off Type
10037Cable Tie Removal Tool / Small Point NoseManual Handle
2004718lb to 50lb Automatic Cut Off Tension ToolAutomatic
30027120lb to 175lb Manual Cut Off Tension ToolManual Handle
90097100 & 250 lb, 304 & 316 Stainless Steel Cut-Off Tension ToolAutomatic

Cable Tie Tools Sold Individually