Releasable & Reusable Ties

releaseable_tiesReleasable & Reusable Cable Ties Cable ties don't have to be permanent: our reusable cable ties provide the flexibility you need to tie up cables when you need to, and to reuse them when you're finished. A pack of these ties can last a lifetime, and each tie has 50lbs of tensile strength. Being able to reuse cable ties means you'll always have a tie when you need one. Get them in either natural or UV black nylon.
Perfect for quick fixes, reusable cable ties can be used over and over again for a wide variety of applications. Offering exceptional value and convenience, our reusable ties ensure that you will always have a cable tie when you need one.
> Temporary or Permanent Bundling allows for quick addition or removal of wires, cables or other items
> Strap Finger Release Latch allows easy access but reduces snags compared to top latch style of releasable cable ties
Cable ties that release easily will allow for quick changes to be made to any network or cabling project you may have.

Releasable 50 lb. Natural & Black
Part NumberColor & MaterialLength Inch/mmWidth Inch/mmThickness Inch/mmTie TensileBundle DiameterPer BagPer Case
13602Natural Nylon5.9/150.0.299/7.60.050/1.27050 lb.1.3781002,000
13612UV Black Nylon5.9/150.0.299/7.60.050/1.27050 lb.1.3781002,000
43602Natural Nylon7.8/200.0.299/7.60.053/1.34650 lb.1.9691005,000
43612UV Black Nylon7.8/200.0.299/7.60.053/1.34650 lb.1.9691005,000
53602Natural Nylon11.8/300.0.299/7.60.053/1.34650 lb.3.151003,000
53612UV Black Nylon11.8/300.0.299/7.60.053/1.34650 lb.3.151003,000
63602Natural Nylon14.5/370.0.189/4.80.065/1.6550 lb.41005,000
63612UV Black Nylon14.5/370.0.189/4.80.065/1.6550 lb.41005,000

Tolerance: .03"/.76mm | AL-14-50-RL Finger release top latch style - .189 STRAP WIDTH | 5", 8", & 12" UL Recognized | ROHS Compliant | Zip Ties Sold in Case Quantities