Push Mount Ties

push_mount_tiesCobra's Push Mount Cable Ties securely attach cable bundles to other surfaces--such as the wall, ceiling, or a control panel--through a pre-drilled hole. Featuring a quick-mounting one-piece design for extra stability, reliability, and consistent performance, the head of the push mount cable tie can be easily inserted through the pre-drilled hole, and its tensioning wings will then quickly and easily lock into place.
These versatile push mount cable ties can hold up to 40 or 50 lb of tensile strength and 1.969" of cable bundle diameter. If you need greater tensile strength, the Cobra's Mounting Hole Cable Ties is another option that can also secure wire or cable bundles to panels or other surfaces, and can hold 30, 50, or 120 lb. of tensile strength. Push mount cable ties are available in different colors and materials to suit your specific needs:
> Natural Black for general use in indoor applications,
> UV Black with enhanced resistance to damages caused by ultraviolet light for outdoor applications, and
> Heat Stabilized Black, where specially formulated heat-stabilized resins are incorporated into the nylon to provide additional thermal endurance. Alternatively, the Cold Weather Plastic Zip Ties is an ideal option if you need cable ties that can endure severely cold temperatures.

Wing & Non-Wing 40 lb. & 50 lb. Natural & Black

Part NumberColor & MaterialLength Inch/mmWidth Inch/mmThickness Inch/mmTie TensileBundle DiameterHole SizePanel Inch/mmPer BagPer Case
220502Natural Nylon6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.3610010,000
220504Natural Nylon6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.361,00010,000
220512UV Black Nylon6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.3610010,000
220514UV Black Nylon6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.361,00010,000
229502Heat Stabilzed Natural6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.3610010,000
229504Heat Stabilized Natural6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.361,00010,000
229512Heat Stabilized Black6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.3610010,000
229514Heat Stabilized Black6.2/158.2.140/3.55.049/1.24440 lb.1.430.181.09/2.361,00010,000
330402Natural Nylon7.9/203.0.189/4.80.062/1.57450 lb.1.9690.252.14/3.551005,000
330412Black Nylon7.9/203.0.189/4.80.062/1.57450 lb.1.9690.252.14/3.551005,000
330502Natural Nylon7.8/200.0.189/4.80.062/1.57450 lb.1.9690.236.11/2.801005,000
330512Black Nylon7.8/200.0.189/4.80.062/1.57450 lb.1.9690.236.11/2.801005,000

Tolerance: .03"/.76mm | 6" UL Recognized & CSA Approved | ROHS Compliant | Zip Ties Sold in Case Quantities