Mounting Hole Cable Ties

mounting_hole_tieCobra's Mounting Hole Cable Tie features a specialty nylon head that is designed to fasten wires or cable bundles to another surface while securing the bundles for an organized cable management system. Another cable tie option that features a mounting hole cable head is the Air Handling Cable Tie, which is ideal for applications in air handling spaces such as above drop ceilings or below raised flooring. Mounting hole zip ties fasten quickly, consistently, and reliably to clamp the wire bundle in place.
Available in tensile strengths of 30 lb., 50 lb., or 120 lb, mounting hole cable ties can easily mount telephone sets, internet routers, cable modems, power bars, or other electric consoles to the wall, ceiling, or a control panel. Also ideal for outdoor applications, heavy-duty uses for mounting hole cable ties include securing thick heavy hoses in home or commercial gardening, construction sites, or renovation projects.
The convenient one-piece design allows for improved tensile strength, bundle diameters between 1.25" and 4", as well as enhanced performance. If you prefer a solution that allows you to remove and reuse the zip ties, you can try the Releasable & Reusable Cable Ties, found under Specialty Tie Wraps, for temporary or permanent bundling solutions.
> Colors -- Natural Nylon or UV Black Nylon for enhanced resistance to ultraviolet light
> UL Recognized/CSA Approved -- 7", 11", and 14"
> All Mounting Hole Cable Ties are RoHS Compliant for electrical applications
> Available in 100 or 1,000 cable wraps per bag and 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 bags per case

Mounting Hole 30 lb., 50 lb., & 120 lb. Natural & UV Black

Part NumberColor & MaterialLength Inch/mmStrap Width Inch/mmStrap Thickness Inch/mmTie TensileBundle DiameterPer BagPer CaseScrew Size
11202Natural Nylon5.8/149.2.138/3.505.045/1.14330 lb.1.2510010,000NO. 8
11212UV Black Nylon5.8/149.2.138/3.505.045/1.14330 lb.1.2510010,000NO. 8
33204Natural Nylon8.0/203.2.177/4.495.052/1.32050 lb.1.7510005,000NO. 10
33202Natural Nylon8.0/203.2.177/4.495.052/1.32050 lb.1.751005,000NO. 10
33214UV Black Nylon8.0/203.2.177/4.495.052/1.32050 lb.1.7510005,000NO. 10
33212UV Black Nylon8.0/203.2.177/4.495.052/1.32050 lb.1.751005,000NO. 10
53202Natural Nylon11.5/292.1.177/4.495.053/1.34650 lb.31005,000NO. 10
53212UV Black Nylon11.5/292.1.177/4.495.053/1.34650 lb.31005,000NO. 10
63202Natural Nylon14.5/368.3.177/4.495.053/1.34650 lb.41005,000NO. 10
63212UV Black Nylon14.5/368.3.177/4.495.053/1.34650 lb.41005,000NO. 10
65202Natural Nylon15.7/398.7.298/7.569.075/1.905120 lb.4.061002,0001/4"
65212UV Black Nylon15.7/398.7.298/7.569.075/1.905120 lb.4.061002,0001/4"