Metal Detectable Cable Ties

metal_detectable> Prevent possible contamination resulting in costly recalls and liabilities
> More cost effective than stainless steel
> Detected by metal detectors and visual inspection
> Metal content blended throughout cable tie
> Teal color used for quick visual detection
Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Part NumberColorLength Inch/mmWidth Inch/mmThickness Inch/mmTie TensileDiameter Inch/mmPer BagPer Case
0009122Teal4.12/104.77.095/2.413.042/1.06618 lb..875/22.2251001000
4209122Teal8.875/225.42.140/3.556.049/1.24440 lb.2.375/60.3251001000
3309122Teal7.56/192.07.180/4.572.052/1.32050 lb.1.875/47.6251001000
5309122Teal11.25/285.75.180/4.572.052/1.32050 lb.3.062/77.7871001000
6309122Teal14.25/361.95.180/4.572.052/1.32050 lb.4.00/101.601001000
6509122Teal15.09/383.36.300/7.620.076/1.930120 lb.4.06/103.18100500

Tolerance: .xxx = .005 / .xx = .015 | Fraction = 1/32" | ROHS Compliant - FDA Approved Material | Zip Ties Sold in Bag Quantities