Instructions - How to Apply Cobra Low Profile Ties

Application with Hand Tools

Insert the strap parallel to the plane of the head

Pull through until hand tight

Grasp the strap at the base and rotate the top blade forward until required tension is achieved.

Slide blade back to the base of the strap and actuate the cutter, trimming the stub flush with the head.

Application with ‘cinch and trim’ gun

Insert the strap into the slot in the nose of the gun.

Keep actuating the trigger until proper tension is achieved and the strap is cut.

All industry standard ‘cinch and trim’ guns have tension adjust settings.

No special tools required. Any pair of dikes or industry application tools can be used.

For optimum gripping power, Cobra ties should be cinched up ‘snug to the bundle’.

Applications where ties are not supported and hanging loose are better served with traditional ties.