It All Started at a Boat Show...

The idea for Cobra cable tie sprang out of a revelation at a 1995 boat show. Upon seeing the engine wires of high-end boats cobbled together with crude zip ties—deemed “pure ugly” by the inventor-to-be—he decided there had to be a better way. Fast forward a few years and two patents later, and the Cobra low profile tie was born. 

Today the highly versatile Cobra tie is used around the world for applications ranging from boat engines to diving equipment to retail displays. Our customers love our ties so much, they often comment: “Why didn’t they invent them that way in the first place?” Good question, but glad we were the first—and still the only company—to offer the lowest profile nylon tie on the market!


Unique, patented design is ideal for any application requiring a safe, visually appealing low-profile tie.

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Cobra is the lowest profile nylon tie on the market. RoHS and UL compliant. Cobra Ties are made in the USA.

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