Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties & Zip Ties (175 lb)

standard_tie_photocadCobra's Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties are strong, fast, and safe–the most practical self–locking solution for cable management (find more Bundle Management supplies) in outdoor applications that require maximum durability, tensile strength of up to 175 lbs., and bundle diameters of 7.18", 11", or 14.5".

  • > Colors – Natural, UV Black, or Gray
  • > UL Recognized/UL 181B Listed/CSA Approved – 24", 36", 48"

If your application does not need 175 lb. of tensile strength, we also carry these standard nylon head cable ties for outdoor cable bundling or heavy–duty applications that can hold up to 120 lb. (Heavy Duty Cable Ties) or 50 lb. (Standard Cable Ties). Our Mounting Hole Cable Ties, found under Specialty Tie Wraps, are also an easy solution for mounting cable ties to another surface. 

Extra heavy duty cable ties are ideal for construction projects such as scaffolding, securing heavy wooden planks or metal poles (split trees, temporary auto repairs, etc.) or as support in orthopedic treatments. All three options–24", 36", or 48" in length–are particularly suitable for heavy–duty installations–such as for HVAC applications, concrete casting, anchor depth marking–and UL 181B Listed.

Available in 50 per bag and 500 bags per case, all cable ties are RoHS Compliant, which means they have passed rigoroustesting for a variety of chemical substances to ensure that they are safe to use in commercial, residential, electric, and non–electric applications. The UV Black options are particularly useful in enhancing resistance to ultraviolet light.

Extra Heavy Duty 175 lb. Natural, UV Black, & Gray

Part NumberColorLength Inch/mmWidth Inch/mmThickness Inch/mmTie TensileBundle DiameterPer BagPer CaseMil-Spec Reference
06001Natural25.2/641.3.340/8.636.090/2.286175 lb.7.1850500MS3367-10-9
06011UV Black25.2/641.3.340/8.636.090/2.286175 lb.7.1850500MS3367-10-0
26001Natural37.2/946.1.340/8.636.090/2.286175 lb.1150500MS3367-13-9
26011UV Black37.2/946.1.340/8.636.090/2.286175 lb.1150500MS3367-13-0
36001Natural48.5/1231.9.340/8.636.090/2.286175 lb.14.550500MS3367-16-9
36091Gray48.5/1231.9.340/8.636.090/2.286175 lb.14.550500MS3367-16-8
36011UV Black48.5/1231.9.340/8.636.090/2.286175 lb.14.550500MS3367-16-0

Tolerance: .xxx = .005 .xx = .015 | Fraction = 1/32" | 24", 36" & 48" UL Recognized/UL 181B Listed/CSA Approved | ROHS Compliant | Sold in Case Quantities